What to Ask

Our Doctors Are Here to Answer All Your Questions

At Minimally Invasive Institute of Surgery, our surgeons are skilled at minimally invasive robotic operations specific to breast care. We will walk our patients through the operation options, and answer questions to ensure they understand the procedure, possible outcomes, and risks. Check out our list of frequently asked questions for ideas on some things you may want to discuss at the time of your appointment.

What You May Want to Ask the Medical Oncologist

What You May Want to Ask the Radiation Oncologist

What You May Want to Ask the Surgeon

  • What type of surgery am I a candidate for?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How long will my surgery take?
  • Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital?
  • What is my expected recovery time?
  • Will my lymph node(s) be tested during surgery?
    • When will you know if my lymph nodes are positive or negative?
    • If positive, will I need all of my lymph nodes removed?
    • How does the removal of my lymph nodes affect my chances of getting lymphedema?
  • Will I have a surgical drain?
    • How many?
    • How long?
  • Are there any medications or over the counter supplements I need to stop taking
  • When can I return to my normal activities?
    • Work
    • Exercise
  • Will I have stitches?
  • Will I need a special bra?
  • When will I know the final pathology?
  • Will I need additional treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy)?
  • Am I a candidate for breast reconstruction?
    • Can reconstruction be done at the same time of surgery?
    • Do you have recommendations for a plastic surgeon?
  • When do I need to make a decision?

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